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Picture of Susan Dorsey
Susan Dorsey
VP, Portfolio Development

If you are anything like me, you had a busy summer and are a bit sad about summer’s end. Family is so important to me, and summer gives me more time to spend with my husband and three grown children. To say we all loved returning to Disney parks this summer is a huge understatement.

I also returned to school to complete my public health degree. Earning 30+ credits in the past year has been a balancing act, but one I am committed to completing to benefit Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions clients and myself.

From a professional perspective, there were three highlights for me:

  • Ovation Healthcare’s Leadership 2022,
  • The conference of the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) of the American Hospital Association and
  • HealthTrust University, an invitation-only conference at which my team and I hosted materials managers for a meet-and-greet.

As you may know, Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions is HealthTrust’s largest channel partner, and as such, Elevate representatives serve on all of HealthTrust’s advisory boards. We leverage HealthTrust’s $45 billion ‘one-price-for-all’ purchasing power on behalf of more than 170 client hospitals.

Optimize Hospital Supply Chain: Meet the Elevate Team

The Elevate team is comprised of experts in pharmacy, material management, strategic sourcing, savings initiatives and client success partners who optimize a hospital’s supply chain. Together, we deliver cost savings of 8-12 percent while helping independent hospitals manage supply disruptions and inflation.

I am particularly proud that in 2021, HealthTrust recognized the Elevate team for our steadfast commitment to operational excellence and best practices in streamlining and maximizing supply chain operations and cost-savings initiatives.

It’s a team I want you to know.







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