Supply Chain: Quantitative and Qualitative Client Success Stories

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Susan Dorsey
VP, Portfolio Development

Nothing makes me happier than sharing the success stories of the client hospitals of Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions.

Take Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, for example.

In the words of the organization’s CEO Brian Lawrence,

 “As the CEO, I have ultimate responsibility for managing expenses, and in doing so, for securing supplies at the most competitive price. For Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, that’s Elevate with an average savings of nine percent.”

Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, a nonprofit hospital in southeast Kansas licensed for 47 beds, has net patient revenue of $36 million and a total spend of $3.7 million on medical and surgical supply. Once our client, Coffeyville decided to move their business to another group purchasing organization (GPO). The hospital quickly discovered their supply expenses were increasing.

Coffeyville turned to Elevate to assess whether a switch would lower expenses. As a part of the due diligence process, Elevate conducted a pricing analysis on more than 5,000 items.

The pricing analysis Elevate performed for Coffeyville revealed the hospital could save nearly nine percent. As shown in the savings demonstration for the custom selection of product, some of spend illustrated savings of more than 20 percent. Within 10 months of converting to a competitor, Coffeyville returned to Elevate.

Optimize Hospital Supply Chain: How Elevate Does It

In short, the Elevate team of experts in pharmacy, material management, strategic sourcing, savings initiatives and client success partners with leaders at hospitals and health systems, helping them to drive efficiencies in contract, spend and leveraged savings opportunities. We help hospitals achieve cost savings of 8-12 percent and better outcomes by improving the supply procurement process through:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Pharmacy Optimization
  • Materials Management Excellence
  • Technology & Process Improvement
  • Analytics
  • One Price GPO Power

As HealthTrust’s largest channel partner, Elevate leverages the organization’s $45 billion ‘one-price-for-all’ purchasing power on behalf of our clients. In 2021, HealthTrust awarded Elevate its annual operational excellence award for our commitment to implementing best practices in streamlining and maximizing supply chain operations and cost-savings initiatives. In 2020 and 2021, 28 new facilities chose Elevate as their GPO partner. Nearly all (99 percent) of our clients have chosen to renew their relationship with Elevate.

Improving Hospital Supply Chain Performance

I’ll confess the words of our clients are just as powerful as the quantitative results.

Two of my recent favorites are from the leaders at Bear Valley Community Healthcare District (BVCHD), a critical access hospital with nine acute and 21 skilled nursing facility (SNF) beds in California’s San Bernardino County.

“Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions has done an outstanding job for Bear Valley Community Healthcare District not only in pricing and supply chain interruptions but a host of other value-added services that [a competitor GPO] did not offer when I was with them.”

Evan Rayner
Bear Valley Community Healthcare District

“I’m thrilled Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions – together with the Bear Valley Leadership team – delivered 12.5 percent cost savings while simultaneously helping us to manage inflation and supply chain disruptions.”

Garth Hamblin
Bear Valley Community Healthcare District

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