Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions

Powering operational efficiency through connectivity

What We Do

Drive efficiencies and cost savings

Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions is the “quiet engine” that powers the operations of hospitals and health systems and drives efficiencies in contract, non-payroll spend and leveraged savings opportunities. We help hospitals achieve supply chain cost savings of up to 12 percent as members of a 50-billion-dollar group purchasing organization. Hospitals retaining their independent purchasing authority renew their agreement at a rate of nearly 100 percent.

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Supply chain solutions

Elevate delivers an average supply savings of 10 percent across the entire Ovation Healthcare portfolio.

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Purchased services

Elevate leverages market KPIs and analytic capabilities to identify 6 percent savings in purchased services.

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Pharmacy management

Secured fill rates of 98%+ for drugs at risk of supply shortages, utilizing a dedicated specialty channel.


Workforce productivity

Through labor benchmarking and staffing-to-demand analysis, a 12 percent reduction in annual labor expense was identified and implemented in radiology across two hospitals.

Why Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions

Economies of scale, a large healthcare network and customized solutions

We leverage economies of scale and a large healthcare network to help you take advantage of a connected community and remain independent — making decisions that are best for your institutions and communities. We do this by creating custom client plans and providing flexible, individualized solutions.

Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions caters to the specific needs of healthcare organizations with comprehensive or tailored modular services, including pharmacy optimization, materials management, and technology and analytic services. We cultivate the breadth and depth needed to serve independent hospitals and health systems of all sizes.

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We deliver results and value


Our experts share best practices and insights cultivated over four decades of working with hospitals and health systems.