Client Success Story: Small Hospital Financial Turnaround


A small hospital in the Midwest, in danger of continuing to violate bond covenants, needed to rapidly make significant and strategic cuts to expenses. The hospital’s bond holders sought to reverse the profitability shortfall of more than 13 percent in 18 months.

Elevate Supply and Expense Management Solutions

Elevate used its proprietary productivity management tool and database of more than 400 hospitals to perform a holistic staffing analysis that compared this organization’s staffing levels to peer and benchmark hospitals. The analysis revealed significant deviations from the goal of 50th percentile with some departments well below this benchmark. Elevate labor experts worked with the hospital’s leadership and department-level leaders to act on the identified opportunities to optimize staff levels.


The hospital optimized staffing and reduced labor expenses by $2.5 million. Importantly, no patient-facing, clinical staff were impacted. As a result of the labor expense reduction and other workstreams to rapidly reduce the hospital’s profitability shortfall, Elevate was able to secure a waiver from the bondholders.

Client Quote

“Hospital layoffs, particularly during a pandemic, are one of the more daunting challenges hospital leaders face. Our work with Elevate enabled our hospital to make objective staffing decisions, cut $2.5 million in labor expense, and maintain patient-facing clinical staff.”

C-Level Executive
Small Midwestern Hospital

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