Client Success Story: Quorum Health


Quorum Health owns or operates 22 hospitals and 15 outpatient centers in 13 states. Elevate manages the integrated delivery network’s entire supply chain. In this role, Elevate knew Quorum Health had significant end-of-life equipment that needed to be replaced.


On behalf of Quorum Health, Elevate negotiated a bulk buy of two types of equipment:

• Anesthesia machines

• Central patient monitoring and standalone patient monitoring systems

To meet Quorum Health’s financial needs, Elevate arranged two phases of patient monitoring purchases, one for the most critical facilities in the second quarter of 2021 and the remaining in the third quarter of 2021.


The bulk buys of anesthesia machines and patient monitoring equipment orchestrated by Elevate delivered nearly $1 million in savings to Quorum Health. Almost half was hard savings in the form of price savings. The remaining savings were extended warranties that eliminate the need for service agreements and reduce operating costs.

Client Quote

“As the result of Elevate bulk equipment buys, Quorum Health saved almost $1 million. Elevate also was able to align the timing of purchases to Quorum Health’s priorities.”

Eddie Brannon
Biomedical Manager
Quorum Health

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